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This Portrait of a Graduate represents our county’s collective vision of the skills and competencies each high school student should achieve before graduating.

This Portrait is grounded in a few key beliefs.

  • Homegrown talent should be aligned with personal passions, workforce needs, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

  • Our schools and communities have a shared commitment to build a sense of possibility in every student, inspiring them to develop the knowledge and skills to live a good life.

Locally Created

This Portrait of a Graduate was created in 2019 through the joint efforts of Building Bridges to Careers; business, higher education, and community leaders; and parents, students, teachers, and administrators from the six county school districts and the Washington County Career Center.

  • Belpre City School District

  • Fort Frye Local School District

  • Frontier Local School District

  • Marietta City School District

  • Warren Local School District

  • Wolf Creek Local School District

This group studied shifts such as changing workforce needs, social trends, technological impact, and the quality of human relationships to answer three simple questions.

1) What types of career awareness and development experiences are important to all students?

2) What is the future of work, and how prepared are Washington County students?

3) What is our expectation of a high school graduate in our county?

Each district will have the opportunity to create and adopt an even more localized version of this Portrait to more closely reflect the aspirations and needs of their immediate communities and students. While created here in Washington County, this Portrait exists to prepare every one of our students to thrive in life after graduation, whether they live all or just part of their life in Washington County.

Moving Forward

Together, we can make this Portrait a reality.

Business Leaders: Use the Portrait of Graduate to rethink and strengthen your relationships with local schools and help grow local talent.

Students and Families: Ask teachers, counselors, and school administrators what supports are needed to bring the Portrait to life.

Community Members: Ask the tough questions.

  • Do our actions communicate an expectation that all our young people are valued, and should participate and stay engaged?

  • What support systems are we providing our children? Which ones are most needed?

  • Are we providing a wide array of opportunities for students to build life skills?

  • Are we working to ensure our community is a place young people want to remain or return to?


Portrait of a Graduate with competency definitions

Portrait of a Graduate with process explanation

Portrait Graphic in JPEG

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