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Working to coordinate, not duplicate, career development efforts in Washington County and the surrounding area, BB2C has developed multiple programs that connect students, parents, and teachers to local businesses and employers.

BB2C Focus Projects (Click to Explore): Job Shadowing, Career Mentoring, HS Internship, Family Career Awareness Day, Student Ambassador, Discover Day Series, Career Pathway Stories

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entrepreneurial development

The BB2C Epicenter is a youth and entrepreneurial development center that provides space and time for collaborating and creating community networks. Small businesses housed in the Epicenter are supported in an incubator-style environment while they grow and the Makerspace provides multiple avenues of development for youth and the general community.

BB2C Focus Projects (Click to Explore): Epicenter Overview, Small Business Incubator, The Epicenter Makerspace

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business/education networking

The projects of BB2C address the various facets of the community in order to engage them in youth, community, and economic development. Through the connections that are made and the information that we provide we are able to help our students experience success and our communities to prosper.

BB2C Focus Projects (Click to Explore): Problem Scenario, Education after Hours, Business Advisory Council, Teacher Engagement courses

Specific networking events: BB2C Community Meeting, Education After Hours

BB2C Business Partner of the Month

Our Business Partners of the Month are organizations that play an active role in helping us Bridge the Gap between education and employment. Find out more about our Partners and other BB2C activities by reading and subscribing to our BB2C Newsletter.


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