BB2C Students: Where Are They Now?

Since its establishment in 2012, the Building Bridges to Careers organization continues to evolve and change. We work hard to address the needs of our community. Through the years we are often asked how we know our programming is making an impact. How do we know? Students tell us in their own words. Today we will be doing a “Where Are They Now” segment to see the impact of job shadowing on one of our students from 2015. Let’s learn a little about Brandi Johnson:

I am a 2015 graduate of Frontier High School. I earned a bachelor’s in health sciences from Ohio State University and currently attend Mary Baldwin University to pursue a doctorate in occupational therapy. I am beginning my second year of OT school and am super excited to join the profession of occupational therapy in just a couple of years!

We are extremely proud of Brandi and all her accomplishments! Often times students have an idea for a career but may have no idea how to get started or what it’s really like. Here is how job shadowing helped Brandi in beginning her career journey:

My job shadowing experience was an awesome opportunity that actually led me to the career path I am pursuing now. I shadowed an occupational therapist at Marietta Memorial Hospital and loved every minute of it. 

Before that shadowing experience, I really had no idea what occupational therapy was all about. It was one of those things on my list as a high schooler that I might be interested in exploring further. After shadowing, I knew 100% that occupational therapy was a perfect fit for me and began researching what it takes to become an OT. 

Brandi’s job shadowing placement impacted her career choice. This is the reason we provide experiences for students. It truly does make a difference. Brand was gracious enough to offer some parting words of wisdom for future students trying to find their career path:

Don’t settle for something just because it sounds good. Take advantage of shadowing and volunteer opportunities so that you have exposure to various professions that spark your interest.

Well said, Brandi.

Students, do you want to find out more about job shadowing? Go to to fill out an online request.

Businesses, do you want to make an impact for students in our community? Contact Tonya Davis at to become a job shadowing host. Job shadowing is a one time, one day commitment. In just a few hours, you can provide an experience that can help shape a student’s future!