Not your average HS spring break experience!

BB2C Focus Projects: HS Internships with Operator Training Committee of Ohio (OTCO)

You may remember past blogs about our OTCO internship. We thought it was time to update you on the growth and wonderful things that have been going on! We now have 5 students trained to assist with GIS asset management for water/waste water treatment in local municipalities. During the week of Warren’s spring break, we had a group of four students capturing water meter pits in the GIS system for the City of Belpre. Patrick Davis, who has been working with Belpre since last semester, was the lead intern for this project and helped to teach the new interns. He had the opportunity to work with each of the students as a team in order to observe them and help determine the viability of the students working on future projects. We value our students and the input they give us! We are happy to say that Patrick and the OTCO staff felt all the students did a wonderful job.

OTCO donated their time to be on-site and train the students along with Patrick’s help. On Monday morning at 8:00 AM Cole Myers, Peyten Kellar, and Josh Welch began their training at Building Bridges to Careers and were out capturing in Belpre that very afternoon. Each day we heard about the great work the students were doing and about the skills they were learning. In addition to being in the field, the students attended a continuing education workshop held by OTCO for operators. There they talked about the progress they accomplished during the week. All told the group of students captured over 2,000 water meter pits!

During the week the students exhibited leadership skills, a very strong work ethic (they were on their spring break after all), problem solving skills, and teamwork. When asked what skills they learned the group responded with a resounding “Communication skills!” If you look at the picture you will see them mapping out their plan for the day. OTCO staff were on-site to supervise, but let the students take the lead in how to accomplish their goals. Their excitement and enthusiasm was evident whenever they talked about their experience. All the students expressed a desire to stay involved as their schedules will allow.

At the workshop they attended, they spoke with a gentleman who obviously made an impact. Keep in mind the new internship students were still 16. When asked for feedback on their week the students gave the following quotes:

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything because you’re too young. Keep your head up and prove them wrong” as said by Brandon Leeth, a professional at the OTCO workshop. Submitted by Peyten Kellar, obviously this made a huge impression on our students.

“Commitment goes a long way and it always pays off in the end. “ Cole Myers

“This week was a lot of fun because of working with people our own age, learning how to work new equipment, and learning communication skills.” Josh Welch

“It was nice working with fellow students.” Patrick Davis

We are so proud of all of the students and especially Patrick for showing such leadership skills and leading the students to a successful week! Several municipalities are asking for assistance from OTCO interns. If you know of a student who is responsible, has a strong work ethic, is unsure of their career path and would enjoy an internship experience with OTCO please contact Tonya Davis at or 740-370-6399. Student must have a referral from a teacher. Look for more pictures on our Facebook page and a blog from the business perspective of the municipalities. Thank you OTCO and Curtis Truss for providing such a wonderful experience to our students!