BB2C Business Partner of the Month - Oct 2017

All of us at BB2C are pleased to present a new monthly feature. The "BB2C Business Partner of the Month" will highlight businesses who have played an instrumental role in helping us achieve our mission. Or businesses who we feel serve industries often overlooked in our local area. For our first ever BB2C Business Partner of the Month, we are pleased to present a brand new partner, Tom Cline Aviation.

Tom Cline, owner of Tom Cline Aviation ( has been a fantastic addition to our team at BB2C. Not only is Tom a new partnering business who will participate in our Family Career Awareness Day on October 19th, he is also an active member in our very popular Career Mentoring and Job Shadowing programs. You can find more about all of our programs at

Tom Cline Aviation is a FAA regulated Part-61 Flight School. Tom is serving a highly under-serviced industry locally.  Being a Part-61 school allows Tom to offer flexible, affordable training that gives each individual student the ability to work at his/her own pace. In addition, he offers instruction that leads to certifications from Sport to Commercial ratings.

Tom is certified CFI I and CFI II. Over his career, Tom has logged over 3700 hours of total flight time; with 2400 hours of quality flight instruction time teaching at both FAA Part 61 and 141 Flight Schools.  Tom is also a proud to be a member of the FAA FAAS Team as a Safety Representative. His certifications include Certified Flight Instructor, Single Engine Land,  Instrument, Commercial Pilot, Single and Multi-Engine Land. Tom is a proud Mountaineer and holds a Bachelor of Arts from West Virginia University.
If you would like to learn more about Tom Cline Aviation, visit his website at or contact Tom directly at