Who-lidays and the Makerspace!

The Dr. Seuss inspired “Who-lidays” scene that decorates the Armory lawn is new to Marietta’s holiday decorations this year. How does something like this come to fruition? Apparently, It took a lot of Marietta’s “elves” to make it happen. From the Epicenter Makerspace perspective, we were able to see a couple of these elves work throughout October and November to create Who-ville and make it come to life right before our eyes. We loved having Who-ville at the Makerspace so much that we used it for decorations during one of our events.

Kay Doak and Leslie McGoron were loaned out from the Mid-Ohio Valley Players to take sheets of plywood and turn them into the candy-colored scene you see on Front Street. Marietta Main Street sponsored Makerspace memberships for both of them in order to access all the equipment and space that they needed.

In their own words…

Leslie McGoron: The space was ample and well lit. The woodshop area had all the tools necessary and plenty of room to maneuver. The best part were the people at Makerspace. Everyone was so helpful and went out of their way to accommodate us.

Kay Doak: Makerspace was so good to us during the project...very accommodating and helpful. Zach, Owen, and Brent helped us carry those huge panels when they were there. Zach brought down tarps and step-ladders from upstairs. Heath, Jenny, and Averi helped paint one of the houses. When the Epicenter Makerspace staff brought people through on tour of the facility, we were always introduced and explained. We were made to feel quite welcome, even though we were obviously taking up a lot of the space. The hours we needed to work were not enough, so Makerspace let us come during off hours to finish the project. It was remarkable how nice everyone was to help us get it all done.

Who-ville will be on display throughout the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Stop by Front Street to see Who-ville, the Christmas tree, and the other updated holiday decorations on display around downtown.

The following organizations also helped bring Who-ville to life: Mid-Ohio Valley Players, Jeremiah’s Coffee House, Two Peas in a Pod, Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, and the Marietta-Washington CVB.