Student Ambassador Program

Building Bridges to Careers (BB2C) is excited to present our new Student Ambassadors! In the upcoming weeks we will be highlighting each ambassador and will be giving you the opportunity to get to know them. They are the face of BB2C with our students and we are looking forward to kicking off this new project.

What is a Student Ambassador? A Student Ambassador is a student selected by each school to be a part of Building Bridges to Careers. We felt we were working closely with teachers, parents, and businesses, but were not reaching the students to let them know about opportunities as much as we would like.  After a brainstorming process at Marietta College with students from their marketing class, the concept of Student Ambassadors emerged.  The ambassador role includes many duties. They will serve as liaisons for students who can benefit from job shadowing, work to let our students know about BB2C events, and get more students involved with our program.

Ambassadors will meet at least on a quarterly basis and will meet with their own students at each school as they develop their own projects in school related to career awareness. These ambassadors have already been an integral part of projects going on this summer because of their networking abilities.  We look forward to seeing how this program will benefit students and members of the community.  If your school does not have an ambassador or you would like to be involved in Building Bridges to Careers, please contact Tonya Anderson at 304-482-1366 or at Get involved! BB2C needs you!