The Incubator is Full!

Building Bridges to Careers (BB2C) is well on it's way to helping the local economy. The five offices in the Epicenter Business Incubator are filled as 2019 begins. But what is an incubator?  A business incubator is a place that helps new and startup companies to develop and grow. The BB2C incubator model is unique because members agree to support the career development of local youth. The Epicenter has a wide variety of businesses within the incubator.  

First, we have Dr. David Norris at Back In Line Chiropractic and Wellness. Dr. Norris was a traveling chiropractor, but the travel was becoming tiring, so he came to the Epicenter to begin his chiropractic business. When asking Dr. Norris what he liked most about the Epicenter he explained that he enjoyed the people, business support and access to office equipment. If you're in need of a chiropractor, be sure to check him out. You don't need an appointment as he takes walk-ins.

Secondly, we have Jared Farnsworth and Patrick Davis. They are both interns for Operator Training Committee of Ohio (OTCO). Patrick Davis is a student at Warren High School, while Jared Farnsworth goes to Marietta High School. Jared had this to say, “Everyone is so open and helps each other out”.  He explained it's not your regular office. Each business has their private space, but share things like the conference room and office equipment.

Mitch Owen and Troy Devol are the owners of Fourteen55 Media. Troy and Mitch are the newest members. They chose to come to BB2C as Owen said, “It was the best opportunity” and Devol explained that he had already been working with BB2C doing their marketing and knew it would be the perfect fit for them. Devol further explained his favorite part is the great functionality of the office, and the access to studio space was a great opportunity. Both had been working from home, and Owen mentioned they are both more productive now that they have an office space.

Next is Christiane Marshall with Marietta and Beyond, an online publication. Not only does Christiane have an online magazine, but she also teaches English to children in China and is also a realtor. When asking Christiane why she came here she explained that she was on a mailing list because she had met with Pamela Lankford a couple of times over the years for business advice. BB2C had reached out and invited her to the incubator. Christiane mentioned she had quite a few things that appealed to her. It is a benefit to have Pamela available to help her navigate business. As a teacher she likes to work with students interested in writing and help students with bridging the gap to a career.  Giving young people the tools they need in life to succeed really appealed to her.

Lastly, is Kory Benedict, a Database manager at King and Spalding LLC. He explained that the flexibility is a real plus and that it's all inclusive as the space comes with tables and chairs. He has a big family and used to work from home so this office space gives him the opportunity to get out of the house and with unlimited access, he can come and go as he pleases.

In conclusion, the Epicenter Business Incubator is full but BB2C always has a waiting list for potential businesses. Be sure to stop by and check the current member businesses and meet these amazing people.