Makerspace Series: Woodshop

This blog series concept was created by Hannah McDole, Warren High School

Were you wondering just what the Epicenter Makerspace is all about? Or what it does? Today I am starting a series of articles explaining what each space is all about, beginning with the woodshop. The Makerspace woodshop is a fantastic place where you can let your creativity run wild with so many opportunities. Today, I got to sit in on a frame making class that was taught by Steve Foutty. He is currently the engineering/architecture teacher at Marietta High school. During the class the various steps were explained and the participants then used the equipment needed to create their frames, with guidance of course. Everything from gluing to sawing, they did it all. If you’re curious, stop in and check out the woodshop. But, fair might get a little dusty.

Among the attendees was Shelly Heiss, who had no problem stepping right up to make her frame. She explained that she found out about the class through the Epicenter Makerspace weekly newsletter. She had just finished her puzzle and needed a good frame for it. The class ran from 4-6 PM and everyone walked away with a great frame. Others from the class were Renee Heiss and her son Blake, who worked steadily together on their frame and were happy with the results.

It was a blast being able to sit in on Steve Foutty’s class. If you are interested in the woodshop, I encourage you to check it out! Classes are available or if you’re just wanting to work on a project and don't have the tools at home you can become a member of the Makerspace. During the class I also met Rachel who has been a Makerspace member for almost two months now. She has used the Makerspace to make a porch swing and she was in the process of making a dining table top. Rachel was hard at work and I’m sure the table top will turn out great. It was so nice to meet Steve and sit in on the frame making class.

For more information on the Makerspace at the Epicenter in Marietta click here: Makerspace