BB2C Focus Projects: High School Internships....Part 2

After 10 days of rotations at Memorial Hospital, the high school student interns had a lot to say about their experience. Below are responses to questions about their favorite department and the impact of this internship on their future plans in their own words: 

Collin:  “Favorite department was Radiology for sure.  That is what I have always been interested in and I actually got to have a hands-on experience with a Rio Grande student that was there. That was definitely the best part for me.”

Maggie:  “I don’t know what I want to do when I get older because I thought this was going to make it a lot easier to narrow everything down. But, it actually opened my eyes to all these other fields that I didn’t really know anything about. Now I am  like ‘Man, I have all of these other things I could do’ and I didn’t really see them as options before, but now I do.  So now I have more to think about, but that’s okay because maybe then I found something that I didn’t really realize that I would enjoy.”

Brooklyn:  “Dr. Gunovich would let you look through his microscope whenever he would have it on something. You stood right behind him and looked over his shoulder, so everything that he was doing…you were just right there.”
Hunter:  “It was really interesting getting to talk to the other (college) students, that was probably my favorite part about the internship. There were other girls going through training and that will be me in a few years, so I could see what they chose to do. One is going through med school and she was telling me about all the different rotations.  She was even showing me different apps on different terminologies and what were really good classes to take.  Another was like, if you really just want to consider being a nurse first, then you can get hired through the hospital and they will pay for your schooling and it’s totally worth it.  So it was really interesting to learn about that.”
Allison:  “My favorite department was surgery because that was really one of the things I was interested in and I actually got to see an actual surgery.  How many people actually get to see a surgery in high school? So that was a really big plus!  They were really nice and they taught me a lot and showed me a lot. It’s definitely what I want to do.  Dr. Gunovich was awesome.  He let me look right over his shoulder.  Not many surgeons would let someone do that and he really talked me through the whole procedure and that was awesome.”
Eleana:  “I wanted to do nursing when I get older, hopefully neo-natal or labor and delivery. This internship showed me the areas I wouldn’t enjoy and the areas I would enjoy more and solidified where I would fit into those.”

We would like to thank Memorial Health System for putting this internship program together in collaboration with Marietta High School, and working so hard to bring back these types of career development opportunities. There are many types of internships, i.e. short term, long term, project-based, supported, independent, etc. If you are interested in developing an internship experience for high school students, or if you already have an internship program developed please contact us. We would love to work with you to help area students connect to local employers.